Thursday, June 2, 2011

Falter Ego: Desires

Falter Ego: Desires: "Desires they call it silly, no no..they ain’t no desires… They are mere long days and boss’ mean ways They are my means of escaping and has ..."


Desires they call it silly, no no..they ain’t no desires…
They are mere long days and boss’ mean ways
They are my means of escaping and has nothing to do with soul-mating…

Alcohol supports my sins…it is a transporter of sorts
Makes me forget the past, the guilt and leaves me with no remorse

This aint any poem you people…this is a mere account of a night of passion,
Night of sins in the bar and in a house overlooking the Qutub Minar

This is just a few words strung together in a rhymic willey
No no…they ain’t no desires silly!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby Steps!

Finally! Finally I am here. And now when I am finally doing this I am blank. I don't quite know what should I write...I remember thinking about my first few lines while I was travelling back from work today. But now I am blank. What else could I be with my brother hovering around me...describing how the party was and how many women (girls actually...ok kids!) throwing themselves at him. And now he is talking about how badly other guys were dancing. Ok, now I need to concentrate. This is about me and not him. On second thoughts, this is not even about me...its more about my other self. My falter ego you see. And this is about a lot of other things. Things that I see and then the ones that I dont see. Also, the ones that I see and no one can (atleast I think so). All of this ofcourse has nothing to do with the sad state of my eyesight though! :p

Talking about the things that I see but can not talk about...rain. Infact its these droplets on the window. The ones which remain there long after it stops to pour. I see the city looking more beautiful than ever. Drenched in water all over. Its during this time that you dont even need music. Its just there. In the air. Or maybe this is the time when you need music the most. But yes, as I see things that you can't, I also listen to the music that you can't. Delhi, after it stops raining looks grey in colour. I dont particularly like the colour. Though, I feel that I will sooner or later have to embrace it.

It amazes me how I have always looked at people and at situations in just two colour. Black and white. And then there is grey! Its neither here, nor there. That is how people are. We are not angels. Nor are we demons. We are some where in the middle. But it is tough to stay with something which ain't quite there. It is just not complete. It is a mix. Of both. You never know which one part will you get to see. The black or the white. It is this grey, I think which brings in the element of uncertanity. In us. And in our lives.

And what is also amazing write now is the comfort with which I am able to write using a key board instead of a pen. I was never ok with the idea of writing on a computer. I mean, pen is to write for. That is what I was taught. That is the only way I know of. But its good to know that the sound of these keys and the light staring into my eyes (you see to my eye sight has always been a funny topic) dont really distrupt my thoughts. They are flowing...Now I am really curious to see how it here I stop writing..ooopss...typing ;) and hit the preview button. I will be back. Very soon.